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My Passport - Sony Bravia TV help

I have just bought a My Passport Essential 320GB as a media store to play through a Sony Bravia KDL40EX 403 tv, but when I connect up the hard drive to the tv through the USB port it doesn't register it?


Any ideas? I have used a USB pen drive with it before and had no this a WD compatibility issue?


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: My Passport - Sony Bravia TV help



Most of the TV's only support fat32 as a valid file system, the new passport are NTFS formatted. You need to reformat the drive in your computer disk management, this should solve the issue.

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Re: My Passport - Sony Bravia TV help

You might need to use a third party utility to format the drive to FAT32, research in google for fat 32 formatter here.

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