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WD Anywhere backup serial key

I have recently purchased WD My book world with anywhere backup, how ever after installing the software I checked the documentation for the serial key but was unable to find it. Does any one know in which document the serial key to unlock the software is located in ?


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Re: WD Anywhere Backup Serial Key



Call WD Tech Support & provide the S/N on the MyBookWorld and ask for the Product Key.


Or,you can always Register the HDD on the WDC Website & Download the Software from here after Registration.

The Link Online: Registration.



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Re: WD Anywhere Backup Serial Key

Are you essentially telling us that the software provided on the CD with the drive won't work unless we call WD?

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Re: WD Anywhere Backup Serial Key

With the newer drives, if you are connected to the internet, the software should register the drive automatically with Memeo - WD anywhere backup.  So, you won't need a serial number.  If you have a my book essential, you will have to purchase the serial number from memeo to continue using the software.

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Re: WD Anywhere backup serial key

You should be able to find the license key printed on a white sticker in the Quick Install Guide.


If you check out  answer ID 2706 on the Knowledge Base, it says that there is a newer version of the software that no longer requires the product key. So if you still can't find the license key on your documents it is better to just download the new version from the registration service page.

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