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My Book World Edition II (White Light) - Firmware Version 01.02.06 - MKV files do not stream to PS3

Dear Community / WD Staff,


I bought my 6TB My Book World Edition II (White Light Edition) with latest firmware to 01.02.06 yesterday (09-June-2011)


PS3 recognises it and plays movies in other container format like: mp4 and avi.


But when I choose a movie which is in mkv container, it simply states as 'Unsupported'.


I checked your release notes for the latest firmware version 01.02.06 and it does clearly state the following:-


Updated TwonkyMedia™ Server version 5.1.9 to fix MKV compatibility issue


While I bought this NAS by paying £350, thinking that I could use it as a nice little media server to work with my PS3, it is not supporting the what it said it would support.


So, kindly advise me of my options


1) Should I return the drive quoting it is not working as it is expected to?

2) Should I wait for a firmware which will include the Version 6 of TwonkyMedia? If yes, can WD member here suggest the possible date. I do not want to wait forever thinking that okay tomorrow a firmware will be released? Waiting can be forever. So it would be very kind if you can find out from your release team as to when can we expect an update to this firmware that would fix the mkv issues.

3) Any other suggestions that will still keep my warranty. It is an expensive device, so do not want to lose my warranty on it.


Thanks for all your kind replies and help and support.


My Book World Edition II (White Light) - 6TB (Firmware: 01.02.06)
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Re: My Book World Edition II (White Light) - Firmware Version 01.02.06 - MKV files do not stream to

Maybe you should try contacting WD's Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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