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Connection problem with WD My Book World 1TB...


I have a WD My Book World Edition 1TB that I have some connection issues with. My wife has no problem accessing the NAS from her computer but I have to type in the user and password every time to access it. I can't find what the difference is between me and her. We both use the same OS, Win7 Home Premium, and from what I can tell we both use the same settings. It is driving me crazy lately. 

I also have a Compaq Netbook that I have Linux Mint on and when I use that one to connect I don't have any problems. My wife's other computer, also a Netbook with Win7 Starter installed, doesn't have any problems connecting either.


Any tips?

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Re: Connection problem with WD My Book World 1TB...

Have verified the permissions and network sharing options on your computer? In either case, you should be able to access the drive drive from Network on your computer. From Computer, click on the option Network from the bottom left.


If you have not renamed the drive to something else, type in the following into the address bar when accessing the drive within Internet Explorer:

//mybookworld to access the web interface

\\mybookworld to access the files


You can also change “mybookworld” to the drive’s IP address if you know it or prefer to connect to it that way.

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