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Which Green Drives can be used in RAID5



I wonder if someone could advise which green drives I can use in raid 5 config without any perfomance issues.


Config: 4x500GB for a webserver and backup server with 4x2TB.


I will use adapted raid controller: 5405


Many thanks in advance.






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Re: Which Green Drives can be used in RAID5

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I would seriously suggest you to contact Adaptec support (couldn't find any compatibility list on Adaptec website) to hear what drives are certified to run on that controller.

You can not expect all SAS/SATA drives will work on a given RAID controller, same thing goes for any backplane (with or without built in portmultiplier) you maybe, would like to use with the this RAID controller.

Also the backplanes will not run with any SAS/SATA drive you have to check that before purchasing.


If the Drive/Backplane/RAID controller config does not work 100% together you could have all kinds of very interesting  errors where you maybe better Could use your time getting the webserver up and running.


As for SAS drives I don't think Western Digital has anything over 320 GB (and WD is pretty new in the SAS market as far as I know) so for 500 GB you must look elsewhere.

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