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Return WD Scorpio Black to factory settings

A couple days ago I cloned my old 80gb Hitachi hard drive onto a 320gb WD Scorpio Black using Acronis True Image.


Once I swapped out the drives and booted the system up, I found that my drive now reads as an 80gb drive just like my old one. Apparently, the Dell and Hitachi laptop combination has a quirky way of partitioning the hard drive, making cloning much more complicated than usual. I checked Disk Manager and there isn't any unallocated space. 240gb is just gone.


In any case, I have found that there are a couple fairly complicated ways to get the missing capacity to reappear, but as a novice at configuring hardware, I think it's going to take a significant effort and time commitment  to puzzle out the solution.


Instead I was hoping there might be a way to completely reset the drive to its minty  fresh "factory" condition and try to clone my old drive again, this time with the knowledge that I need to perform a few tweaks along the way that True Image didn't make me aware of the first time out.


So, is it possible to completely wipe the drive so whatever weird partitioning was done during the cloning process can be undone? If so, what's the best way?

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Re: Return WD Scorpio Black to factory settings

I don't know about a "factory reset", but see this thread:

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