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WDElements HD 500GB Power Problems?

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Recently my WDElements External Hard Drive 500GB, Model WD5000C035, SN [deleted], stopped operating.
It seems like it is not getting power. The power supply is running very warm, sometimes. The light is off except when I unplug & replug the power cord into the power supply box, the lignt blinks once, very quickly. Does this sound like a power supply problem?  Has there been problems with the power supple?  What is the warranty period on these?  Will they replace the power supply?  Thanks  Kent

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Re: WDElements HD 500GB Power Problems?

Does the drive show up in Disk Management.  If not, then you could try plugging the drive into the wall to make sure the power adapter is getting enough power.  If that doesn't work, try using another cable, another port, another pc.  If none of those work, then you're pretty much stuck with purchasing another power adapter and seeing if that works.  If none of them work, then all I can recommend is replacing the drive.  You can call Tech Support and see what they say, though.  You can do so either by phone or email.

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