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WD MyBook Essentials not visible in Linux Mint

I have the 2TB usb 3.0 version of this drive attached to my Netgear N600 router's usb port. I use a dual boot Windows7 and Linux Mint dual boot on Lenovo X60 laptop. I have not formatted the drive from its default NTFS, which Linux is supposed to be able to read. My Windows7 installation works well with this drive attached to my home network router. I can map the drive to a letter, etc.

With Linux I get nothing. Packaging states that it supports Windows and Mac OS but sales person assured me I could use it with Linux as well.  Info on this website:

"Western Digital technical support only provides jumper configuration (for EIDE hard drive) and physical installation support for hard drives used in systems running the Linux/Unix operating systems. For setup or other questions beyond physical installation of your Western Digital hard drive, please contact your Linux/Unix vendor. You may also wish to discuss your issue on our Community Forums."


This is not very helpful but it at least suggests that it is not impossible to make it work. From what I have found so far, it seems there is an alternative NTFS format known as NTFS-3G that would let me access the drive from both my Win7 and Linux Mint installations. GParted partitioning software (under Linux) only shows NTFS as an option for partitioning a drive/partition.


Who can steer me to the next step? Or should the next step be to return the drive to Best Buy where I got the information that I could use the drive with Linux?

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Re: WD MyBook Essentials not visible in Linux Mint



None of the WD are compatible with Linux, WD does not even support Linux. Sorry it won't work.

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Re: WD MyBook Essentials not visible in Linux Mint

If I were you I'd take it back and trade it for an Elements, as it more or less uses generic drivers, so it can work better.


On the other hand, NTFS-3G is not a file system; it's an application that allows Macs to write to TFS drives... You can get it from Apple's site, but I don't think it can help on Linux when the problem is drive recognition....

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