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MyBook Essential Edition 250GB cannot be read by Mac OSX


I am having a problem with my WD MyBook Essential Edition 250GB external hard drive (model number WD250011032). I have formatted it for Mac OSX (Journaled) in Disk Utility, copied around 10GB of data onto it and plugged it into my LG BD player.

The BD player didn't recognise it so I removed it and plugged it back into my Macbook. Since then I have been unable to format it using Disk Utility or even access the files that are on it. When I plug the drive in via USB after 10-15 seconds it gives me this error message:

I want to format it for FAT-32 so my Macbook and my LG BD player can *both* see the drive, but i'm unable to do that right now. After that I have to manually switch the disk off as Mac OSX cannot see it. The front light just keeps blinking on and off. I know the drive is supported by my OS, so it's not incompatibility.

This is the drive....

MyBook Essential Edition

Any help very much appreciated.


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Re: MyBook Essential Edition 250GB cannot be read by Mac OSX

You cannot run the repair option, in the Disk Utility?  Can you try and connect this drive in another computer?

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