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Defective WD Elements 1042 1Tb - freeze it!

I have had a WD Elements 1Tb Elements for 6 months now. A few days ago it did beep, beep, beep... And that was it! Something what happens to a lot of people, as you can read on the forums on the internet. And as most of them, I tried all the tricks and tips that several people provided, but no use. A lot of valuable date seemed to have vaporized into thin air. One last (at first sight crazy) advice I read here and there: freeze your harddisk! Not knowing what else to do, I put the harddisk (properly wrapped in plastic) in the freezer at -20°C for 12 hours. As I took it out and connected it to the pc, at first nothing happened, the beep-beep-beep was still there. But! After 15 minutes appr. the harddisk revived and all the data were readable. I read in articles that after a while, as the harddisk propably reaches the room temperature, it fails again, so I wrapped it in a plastic bag with frozen cool-elements. I managed to recover all of the data (400 Gb) and copy them to another harddisk (not from WD...)! Hurray! This worked for me, you never know it works for you.

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Re: Defective WD Elements 1042 1Tb - freeze it!

I really doubt freezing the drive makes it work when it's broke.  most likely if you'd had waited in the first place for those 15 minutes the drive might have come up.  I'm not saying that the drive isn't damaged or defective, but it is possible that you might have some corrupted files that prevented the drive from initially being read.

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Re: Defective WD Elements 1042 1Tb - freeze it!

Actually freezing does sometimes work.


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Re: Defective WD Elements 1042 1Tb - freeze it!

beep beep beep sounds are usually bearing failure, so yeah sometimes freezer would help to get it moving, but its mainly luck its not really a technique to fix drives that stopped spinning.

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