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Looking for a large fast reliable HD

I have been researching internal hard drives and found a 2 TB WD Caviar. I am not too excited about the speed which is 5400-5900rpm,  I will be using this drive too hold large video files examples  avi, mpeg, mov, asf. I would like to play these files from the drive would I expect the video to play slowly and have sound sync problems as they play? Could you the forum suggest a drive that is faster with a capacity lower (not below 1 TB) to or equal to the 2 TB WD. Thanks for the help

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Re: Looking for a large fast reliable HD

What is the model number of the cavier you were researching?

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Re: Looking for a large fast reliable HD

The Caviar Blue is a 7200 RPM, is a good drive, with a regular cache size:


Now, if you wish to go overboard, the Caviar Black is a fast drive for video playback:

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Re: Looking for a large fast reliable HD

I'd go with the Caviar Black myself - they come up to 2TB, and if your motherboard or SATA controller card supports SATA 6.0 you can get a super-fast, super-big drive: WD2002FAEX

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