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Problems Setting up WD My Cloud 3TB for Remote access

Picked up the unit yesterday and am still learning my through it...


So far I have been able to 'mount' (guess that's the right word...) to my router and connect to it over my home network... but am having problems registering so I can remotely access it over the web...


First of all a quick question on connecting to My Cloud over my home network... My home network's name is (let's say for example) "Test" (and I thought when I set up My Cloud it would have connected it to my home network on the 'Test" workgroup) - but instead it is listed under WORKGROUP...

Not sure this makes a lot of difference but shouldn't it be accessed through the "Test" workgroup - and how would I do that...? (FYI - In the My Cloud console screen I tried changing the name WORKGROUP to Test but that didn't seem to do anything)...


OK now to main question...

When I try to set up for remote web access, I enter in my name and email aadress but it fails and I get back an error msg saying cannot get remote access and something about checking the nework conectivity... (I know my Internet access is OK since My Cloud updated its firmware during the initial installation.)


Have tried resetting the MY Clud and reinstalling it but still get same error.


Hope someone can point me in the right direction...


FYI - I'm connecting to MyCloud using a Dell notebook running WinXP SP3 - and have tried turning off all the AV (ie. Symantec EndPoint and Malwarebytes) programs... 

And I have a DSL broadband connection via a Utopia/Motorola DSL modem and integrated router.


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Re: Problems Setting up WD My Cloud 3TB for Remote access

In the My Cloud UI > Settings > General.  There is a Cloud Access section, click Configure and change it to Win Xp.  Your Connection Status should be Connected (Relayed) or Ready.  You should be able to connect after.

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