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My Cloud Software

I have a home network and a my book storage device installed on it.  Up until a couple of months ago when my Laptop died, I had My Cloud installed on the laptop so that I could access the storage device when I am out of town.  However, When Dell repaired my laptop they installed a new harddrive and a new motherboard and all of the software that I had installed was lost.  I still have MY Cloud installed on my cell phone, but the thought of downloading the files onto my cell phone to transfer to my laptop is a little scarey because of the size of the files that I need.


I am currently out of town and I really need some of the files stored on the My Book Drive.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: My Cloud Software

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You can access your files by going to 


You can also google wd my cloud setup and reinstall the My Cloud desktop client, ...


unless I am missing something, your pb is easy to solve.

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Re: My Cloud Software

you could download the WD My Cloud Desktop app from:




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