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I am so confused on how to setup for my needs


  • We have 5 computers between 2 of us and 4 mobile devices
  • I want each of us to have a 'Cloud' similar to Dropbox
  • I want to backup computers to NAS also aside from having access to our personal clouds. That's not a problem.

I'm very confused as to how to set this up. 

  1. Can't I stop using Dropbox?
  2. WHy does Dropbox showup in MyCloud mobie listing under 'Devices'?
  3. Do I set up cloud shares for each of us and use them like Dropbox? Unfortunately these My Cloud 'clouds' don't show up in Windows file folder like a Dropbox one does.

Problems I'm having:

  1. On Phone/iPad when I'm trying to see shares it jst sits there and says 'Loading.' I know at one point I had the shares showing up on iPhone but I don't know how I did it.
  2. I scrapped using the WD backup software - WAY to slow - and switched to Acronis. Very fast.



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Re: I am so confused on how to setup for my needs

Hi Dropbox is an optional feature that you can use from Smartware or from the My Cloud app. You can setup an account for each user so they can access the My Cloud remotely, check page 65 of the manual for the steps.




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