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Transmission & Mybook Live: Ports close after reboot/restart

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Everytime I shutdown or reboot my Mybook Live 2TB and reopen the Transmission client, the ports that I have successfully forwarded before the reboot are always closed. The only way to open them back up is to re-install EVERYTHING! I'm talking quick format of the drive, fresh install of the features pack and Transmission client.

 Is this normal to have to do that everytime?


Here is my setup:

iMac (wired to drive)

Mybook Live 2TB (latest Firmware)

Verizon Fios Router (set as DMZ acting as a bridge)

DLink DIR-655 Wireless router


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Re: Transmission & Mybook Live: Ports close after reboot/restart

You better ask the question at the site of the author who published the feature pack, as this is not supported by WD


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