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Sony Bravia connection fail to My Book Live

I have a Sony Bravia KDL 52Z5100.  I recently purchased the WD My Book Live and tried accessing the twonky media server with my TV.... connection fails.  The TV does connect to my Dlink router's media server (also recently purchased) no problem.  My Xbox 360 is also able to access the twonky media server and the public folders in My Book Live.


The Twonky Media Server recognizes the TV and lists it in the Media Receivers. I checked my Norton 360 and it also has the TV as part of my network (I don't have trouble accessing Netflix on my TV).


On the Media Server trouble shooting menu on the TV, it states "server name unknown", the IP address of the MY Book Live, and MAC ID of My Book Live..... but for some reason, it states "The server is not accessible".


Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Sony Bravia connection fail to My Book Live

You need to contact Sony, if you are able to see device from your xbox it means that the unit is working properly.

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