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Setting up My Book LIve for Mac


I'm not too good with computers but efficient enough to set up most things. I have a 1TB MY Book LIve for my Mac. I Believe I am running snow lepord. I set it all up to the point where my time machine backed up my computer (which took forever.) I now am ready to view/stream my files. However, this is where I am stuck. I dont know why but i cannot enter time machine and I don't know where to find the folder to view all that was downloaded. For example I know that my files have been backed up because on the Mybooklive page under the backup tab it tells me how much was backed up. Now I don't know how to see the exact folders, files, etc that was actually backed up so I can pick and choose what to delete AND I dont know how to transfer the stuff to my admin folder. I basically want to just stream my content to my ipad and other computers that's all. If there is a screenshot for setting up with macs or if someone can help me out that would be great. I know my explaination isnt so great. Thanks all.





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Re: Setting up My Book LIve for Mac

if you are talking about the backup tab you used Smartware to backup your files


files were added to a hidden partition for the Smartware backup


you can locate by going //mybooklive/smartware


since you are using the drive for streaming media it's better to transfer the files manually to the public folder on the MBL 


the backup is not for media streaming purposes, the hidden partition will avoid getting the data corrupted

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