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Resetting my 'My Book LIve' Storage

Hey Guys!


I bought a 2TB My Book Live Storage last month and everything worked well for me (Mac User @ Mac OS X 10.7). Because of that i didn't need any login and so i forgot the password of the Web-UI. The user who was created by me still works and i have access to my data. But the web-login won't work.


I tried to ofllow the instrucions of the documentation which said that i ave to press the reset button at the back of the storage for 4 secons and wait for a restart. I did it and the storage rebooted. But the Web-UI still promts me to type a password. The Passwords "123456" and  "admin" don't work eighter.


So how do i come back to the Web-UI, do you have any advice for me?


Thank you!


- Hans


P.S.: I'm from Germany and hope that my english is some kind of 'readable' :-)

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Re: Resetting my 'My Book LIve' Storage

Thread moved to WD Network Products : My Book Live.



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Re: Resetting my 'My Book LIve' Storage

Hmm.  The documentation says:


"...the Administrator password returns to none."


So, try leaving it BLANK.



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