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Problem accessing MyBookLive from Windows XP

I have a home network consisting of 1 desktop running Win 7 (sp1), 3 laptops running Win 7 (sp1) and one desktop running Win XP (sp3).   My MyBookLivei is connected to my wireless router and is accessible by all the PCs running Win 7.   On Win XP, I have installed WD Smartware and I can see MyBookLive in My Network Places.  Using WD Quick View, I can bring up the dashboard and can even logon to MyBookLive as administrator and make changes.  However, I get an error message whenever I try to open MyBookLive to see shares.  This happens when I try to open it from My Network Places or from WD Quick View.  This is the error message:   "\\Mybooklive is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the administrator to find out if you have access permissioins.   Logon failure:  Account currently disabled."  


This error does not happen on any Windows 7 computer.  From those computers, I can access the device and work with the shares.  It only happens on Windows XP.  Can anyone tell me how to clear this error message and access the shares on MyBookLive from Windows XP?



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Re: Problem accessing MyBookLive from Windows XP



Have you check all the network setting on the windows 7 computer?


It should be something on the configuration of the network shares on the computer because you are able to access the drive from the rest of the computers.


Another thing that you can try to check is, are you able to access the windows 7 computer from the windows xp?


You can check also the firewall setting on the XP computer.


One thing that you need to be clear is that the issue is not with the drive since is working on other computers.

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s Re: Problem accessing MyBookLive from Windows XP

Thanks for your reply.  Very helpful.  You are correct that nothing is wrong with the MyBookLive unit.  I found that setting up access on XP is a little different from setting up access on 7.  On XP, I had to open WD  Quick View and select Map.  Then I had to ensure there was a password assigned to the share I had created for my daughter to use.  After that, XP was able to access MyBookLive wirelessly and open the share as well as the public share. 


On Win 7, I did not have to go through the step of mapping MyBookLive. 


Thanks again. 

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