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Logon failure account currently disabled

I have set up  a 3Tb my book live

It works great on the machine I used to set it up (vista)

However when I try to access it from my win 7 machine 

I get  my book live is inaccessible etc etc

Logon failure account is currently disabled.

I have looked at network settings and every thing I can think of

I have no problem accessing the UI from the7 machine and can change settings

It shows up under network, the twonky server works  but I cant access the actual drive to write to it

What account is disabled?

and where do I enable it ?

what the **bleep** is going on?



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Re: Logon failure account currently disabled

Check your firewall and internet security settings.


You can also try mapping the drive.

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Re: Logon failure account currently disabled

I am confronted with this same problem in my home network:

I have two Windows 7 laptops, 1 XP desktop and 1 Windows 7 deskop. All systems are set up to work without password. I can access my WD MybookLive Duo with the first 3 machines, but not with te Windows 7 desktop. I checked all security and firewall settings between the 'good' Windows 7 systems and the 'bad' Windows 7 system to make sure they are all equal. Still the problem is not solved. I cannot access my NAS from this desktop because of  'account currently disabled'.

Is this a NAS settings problem or a Windows settings problem?

Please provide some more suggestions to get this working.

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Re: Logon failure account currently disabled

Are you getting prompted to enter a User ID / Password before this error appears?   


If not, then Windows is using "Cached Credentials" that it has saved away, and those credentials are incorrect.


You should try to delete *ALL* mapped connections to the MBL, and go through the process again.

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