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Direct connection to PC

Hello , I would like to buy My Book LIve . I have seen transfer speed with wireless transfer is not so good and I would like to do BIG moving of gigabits . I would like to use it then such a FTP server :-) for my iPad and iPhone ...  What  have I to do if I want to use it few times with ethernet connection to PC :-) I have already  done small research on internet and I found few topics . I have to set Static IP in MBL and something set in PC . Can someone explain it to me please ? :-)




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Re: Direct connection to PC

this would be helpful

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Re: Direct connection to PC

I have an MBL 2T with a static IP attached to a gigabit switch and I get 30+ Mbps between it and a wired gigabit adapter on the PC with CAT5e cables. Wirelessly, I can get 10 Mbps over an AC Router. Pretty solid performance from both. cj

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