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2TB MyBook Live not Connecting

My 2TB MyBook Live is not connecting...


When I plug in the power cable I get a blue light then it flashes to orange, the to blue again and it does this for hours. Before the light goes out. I can feel the HD rotating in the enclosure but I'm unable to get the drive to connect to the network.


  • Press the Reset button at the back of the drive
  • Tried different ports on the router
  • Changed the ethernet cable
  • Plugged the drive directly into a wall socket
  • Attempted to connect to the drive from another device
  • Connected the drive directly to the ethernet port on the computer

And the results are all the same... WHAT DO I DO?

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Re: 2TB MyBook Live not Connecting

Not sure what else can be done


looks faulty to me but you can contact support to see if there's anything else that can be done



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