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Does the MyBook Duo support SSH?

I just brought home a MyBook Duo Live 4TB to supplement my (now full) MyBook World Edition  (white light) 1TB drive.  There are two things I really like about the MyBook World Edition drive:


  1. The USB port (which is why I bought the Duo and not the single-drive MyBook Live drive).
  2. The ability to SSH into the drive and...ahem...customize it.

I cannot find the ability to enable SSH anywhere in the Dashboard.  Is this something that's only available by using the CD, or am I just out of luck?


I almost went with a Seagate product when I saw that the MyBook Live didn't have a USB port but the reviews scared me away (and WDC support pointed out that the Duo still had the USB port). That said, I'm going to be REALLY unhappy if this new unit has less functionality than my existing one.


Anybody have any luck enabling SSH on these things?

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Re: Does the MyBook Duo support SSH?

Sorry; just answered my own question by looking in the MyBook Live forum:


Short answer: Yes, it does.

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