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my book 1tb is not turning on

I last used my external drive a couple of months ago. I wanted to download all the pictures from the holidays and try to use my book. It wouldn't turn on. I ordered a new power cord thinking that was the problem. I plugged everything in and it blinked blue a couple of times and then stopped.Any suggestions or how can recover what is already on there?

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Re: my book 1tb is not turning on

Hi dude, well if the drive is not turning on even with a different replacement then it's a power problem, either on the case or the drive itself. If your drive is NOT a Smartware drive (No encryption) and you don't care about the warranty then you could take the physical drive off the case and connect it inside your computer, id the drive itself is good you'll have access to the data.


If the drive doesn't work like that then the problem is the drive itself and you'll need a recovery tech on that case....

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