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WD My Book Essential data recovery

I have a My Book Essential which the USB board is burned out, I have taken the HDD out of the box and connected to the PC the drive is detected normally and no problem on the drive itself but the data is lost, I have tried several recover programs but only some files which I didn't recognize find out but the strange thing is that there is a file with 2.4GB size which matches my stored data size and the extension is SWF, is it somehow depended to smartware software and may be that is a smartware encrypted file? is so how can I just recover my files from inside of that file.

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Re: WD My Book Essential data recovery

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Hi, If your my book model supports hardware encryption you wont be able to recover the files, only when connected to the USB board the data can be decrypted.

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Re: WD My Book Essential data recovery

I have the same problem.

I didn't even see the large file you see.

what software did you use to see it?

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