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Unable to access my Passport External hard-drive

1) I bought a 500 GB external hard disk(Passport) almost  a year back. For last 2 months, I have not been able to access the harddisk as it is not detected like an external drive. Whenever I connect the Hard-disk, a DC/DVD icon pops up and when I click it , it shows that "Device can't be opened due to an I/O error'.

 I am using Windows Vista/Wondows 7 on my laptops. Is there any particular software update for resolving this problem.

Awaiting your revert with a solution to this problem.


2) I  also have another passport 500 GB whose content is not visible on windows Vista/Windows 7 or 8 but is visible/accesibe on XP. Can you tell me whether  there is a software update for accesing this drive on newer windows platforms?





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Re: Unable to access my Passport External hard-drive

Be sure to connect the passport directly to the PC, avoid using extension USB cables or USB hubs. 

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