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MyBook 2TB won't power up - Open Up or RMA ???

My 9mth old, 2TB MyBook stopped working today. When plugged in it lights up, and after about 5-10 seconds makes a clicking sound and then powers down. The drive is in warranty, so a replacement is possible. However there is some data on there that I would really like to retrieve. After doing some searching, I believe my options are as follows (please let me know if this is right)... 1st. Try new power adapter & see if unit will power up. if not, then either... a. open unit (voiding warranty ) & plug directly into pc/laptop to see if data is accessible. b. Send unit back for RMA replacement, unopened & lose all data... but get a replacement unit. I have already tried multiple power points without success, so now the question is... If I open the unit and attempt to recover the data, what are my likely chances of success? And, is there anything else I should know for this process? - The HDD did not have a password applied, so is unencrypted as far as I know. - The HDD was working perfectly this morning & nothing extreme or unusual has affected it as far as I know. Thanks in advance.
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Re: MyBook 2TB won't power up - Open Up or RMA ???

If the drive came with Smartware the data on drive is hardware encrypted. Opeming the drive is a waste of time. Contact WD they'll probably send you another power supply.


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