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External Hard drive keeps powering off

I just unboxed my new external hard drive and plugged the power cord in, and the usb into my mac. I went through the steps of updating it and installing turbo and the update that was available for the SmartWare online. I am trying to backup my files from my computer to my hard drive. I started the process by clicking start back up- and it started backing up, but then turned off. I walked back to my computer and tried turning it back on and it powered up, showed some files were backed up, then powered off again. Why is it not staying powered on?

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Re: External Hard drive keeps powering off



What version of MAC do you have?


If is a laptop, try testing the drive on a different computer. Better if is a desktop using the back USB ports of the computer.


Also make sure that you are using the cable that came with the drive.

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