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WD2001FASS 2 TB Raw Read Error Rate

Hey Guys,


I just got me a WD2001FASS 2 TB but encountered an error message in windows 7 saying my HD will fail soon.


Then I installed  the "Data Lifequard Diagnostics Tool" and here are the results:


I use it on a Gigabyte ga-ma770-ud3 rev. 2.0 with ahci enabled and latest bios and drivers (catalyst 10.7) on Windows 7 x64.


Should I return it to my vendor or may it be a problem I can fix by myself?


Sorry for my bad english, but it's not my mother tongue.


Thanks in regard,



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Re: WD2001FASS 2 TB Raw Read Error Rate

If the drive is under warranty any SMART error should allow you to RMA the drive. Most good vendors will return the drive for you during the warranty period.


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