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Hard Disk Detection Problem

i have a large quantity of Western-Digital-WD5000AACS (500 GB) SATA hard drives. but when i connect it with pc. in the motherboard bios setup it shows blank rather then showing the brand name of hard drive and its capacity. but it shows blank there. and other sata ports they show none because they have no any other device.  it means that on the SATA 0 port (whre i connect my Western-Digital-WD5000AACS) there must be some thing connecting but unable to recongnize by motherbord. please guide me wht can i do ? is there any hard disk bios problem or something else??

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Re: Hard Disk Detection Problem

Hello, you can try connecting the HDD to another computer, also check if the motherboard has any firmware updates.

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Re: Hard Disk Detection Problem

if the drives dont spin up then they may have been configured to power up in standby check for a pm2 jumper and remove it if present or use hdat2 /w to spin up the drives and disable puis
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